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I have been chewing on these three quotes for years... Everyone wants their life to matter - to know that you helped someone along the way or did some good in the world a legacy that lasts longer than you do. For me, it has reaffirmed and helped to shape the overarching theme I want my business and ultimately my life to fall under. Love Well...

The big, fat light bulb moment for me came when I realized that I can mix who I am, who God is and business together. Many business professionals advise against putting too much of yourself into your business. It could scare potential clients away. I am who I am. I stand for what I stand for. I make no apologies for that. The right clients, ones who love my work, ones who turn into friends, who value treasures that cant be quantified in monetary means or even in this life time, they will find me.

I can have the most successful business in the world but if my family or marriage is falling apart, it doesnt matter. I can have the greatest family ever but if I treat my neighbors and clients like dirt, my life has lost meaning. I can have the best relationship with everyone everywhere but if I neglect my relationship with God, nothing matters.

The Love Well concept focuses on four core areas:

Spiritual - A healthy relationship with my Creator, God

Personal - A healthy relationship with my family and friends

Business - A healthy relationship with my clients and vendors

Outreach - A healthy relationship with those in my community and around the world

Yes, I love taking your photos. Yes, I love creating beautiful art for you. But you deserve to be treated better than just a business transaction. You deserve to be loved well. You also deserve to know that when you book a session with me, YOU get to impact the community as well.

10% of all profits go to help various missions and ministries around the world such as:

Mission of Mercy
(Child Sponsorship of a little boy named Kevin in Honduras)

Teen Challenge
(A faith based rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol recovery)

F.R.E.E. International
(Find, Rescue, Embrace and Empower victims of modern day slavery)

Breaking Chains Network
(Hope and healing to victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Europe)

Know Think Act
(Various missions projects such as needed medications for HIV+ children.)

The PourHouse
(Indianapolis based organization for those experiencing homelessness.)

You'll see glimpses of my journey of trying to love well through my work. Hopefully, you'll get to experience a little bit of it yourself and have the opportunity to pass it along to others.

"A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble." ~Charles H. Spurgeon